Monday, February 27, 2012

Thanks for All the Fish

I'm thinking.

And among the things I'm thinking is I've gotten what I wanted, and much more than I hoped for, out of this blog in the last year. Thank you for visiting, challenging, and supporting. Especially challenging. My UUiness  was proto- when I started, and it's solid now. I've noticed, however, that--as so often happens with a personal blog--that, having done what I set out to do (even though I didn't know what that was when I started), my rate of posting has dwindled as the things I feel I need to type out has dwindled.

So rather than leaving an orphan blog, and discovering some years later that it's still sitting out there, growing staler by the week, I've archived the posts and comments in case, in the future, I find myself with enough more to post to restart. I'm keeping the site, since there are a number of links over there which I like. If, in the unlikely event you're here looking for more of me, maybe you'll find something of what you're looking for in the comments on those blogs. I'm pretty sure you'll find something worth your time in the actual posts, though. Check them out if you don't already.

So long and